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When the Internet and the World Wide Web were first being developed, their creators envisioned a world where the average user was not just a mere consumer. Indeed, everyone would also run their own services, such things as would eventually become E-mail, Websites, and so on. In fact, in those early days this is exactly what happened, but as more and more of the world and its people became connected those with both the ability and the desire to do such things became the minority.

Today, much of our digital world sits in the hands of a few extremely large corporations, and this consolidation only continues to accelerate with the arrival of “Cloud Services”. Offerings such as Amazon's AWS and Microsoft's Azure have relegated personal and office servers to archaic relics.

We seek to retain the essence of that by-gone age, not for its own sake, but because it guarantees that control remains in our hands, free from the fickle whims of corporate overlords. To that end, this little server is hosted by and for a small group of individuals as a little island of freedom in a great wide ocean.

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